BQT S.n.c. was founded in 2014, by the experience gained in the field of experimental tests, to provide services to technicians, professionals, businesses, public administrations and privates, who are facing problems that require to understand the behavior of structures and/or materials, in relation to their interaction with the soil, the environment and the use.
For history and competence, our preferential ambit is to survey structural data, using innovative electronic and information technologies.
BQT S.n.c. offers a variety of innovative tools to deliver high accuracy and reliability of the measurements taken, always paying attention to the real technical and economic needs of the client.
We are able to produce or customize sensors for specific needs. The experience of our engineers in structural controls area, allows us to propose different solutions, tailored to real needs in performance techniques and cost.

We design, install and operate any monitoring system: structural, geotechnical, topographical, meteorological, environmental, and combinations thereof. We offer remote control solutions on stand-alone systems, using dedicated connection or web interface. The equipment of each installation can be supplied via rental service or sale.
For structural health monitoring (SHM) systems we can offer: crack meters, distance meters, electronic thermometers, thermocouples, strain gauges, vibrating wire extensometers, piezometers, pressure sensors, anemometers, rain gauges, load cells, pressure cells, multipoint extensometers, inclinometers, tubes inclinometers, accelerometers, velocimeters, acoustic emission sensors, data acquisition systems, stand-alone data loggers wired, wireless systems, fiber Bragg grating and optical interrogators (FBG), analysis systems with Brillouin tech, units for vibrating wire sensors.

We have gained a solid experience in the structural diagnostics ambit, oriented to the implementation in regulatory requirements. We are able to perform destructive and non-destructive testing on materials, products and structures, using traditional and innovative equipments, according to the needs and issues which must be answered.
We are one of the few companies in Italy to be equipped with an interferometric radar (ground-based IBIS interferometric radar), used to provide testing services or static and dynamic controls on structures such as bridges, retaining walls, industrial and residential buildings, towers, bell towers, wind power poles, transmission line towers, architectural heritage, etc., without direct access to the site and without the installation of any sensor or device.

We are able to produce or customize sensors for specific needs. It is available to our customers a reserved area on our website, where it’s possible to check data from the system installed independently, whether it be an automatic or a manual type. Similarly, reports and periodic processings are inserted into the reserved area and made available via secure access. For data handling we offer a structured service with different levels of complexity: manual readings, download in situ data, remote logging, sending data to server ftp or tcp.